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Durbar is a form of hot rolled structural steel that is recognisable from the raised pattern of ‘tear drop’ studs on its surface. It’s this pattern that gives the metal its anti-slip properties. As a result, it is commonly used in flooring and other surfaces, such as walls and tables.


Durbar is steel that has been designed to be slip resistant. Crafted from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the specialised raised surface nodes aids grip and is self-draining, making it ideal for wet environments also. The material can be made in a range of strengths, as it is easily fortified by increasing the thickness of the plate used.


Usually made from stainless steel, durbar plate is available in standard specifications, as well as a range of modified formats, customised to suit the end application. As a result, the production process follows standard steel production activities with some customisations in order to achieve desired functionality.


Clearly, the most obvious use for durbar is in flooring, as well as walkways, platforms or bridges. However, due to the specialised nature of this product, it is often found in walls and tables, or used in niche industries, such as:

  • Medical and veterinarian
  • Temperature controlled rooms
  • Warehouses and containers
  • Workshops
  • Box and racking manufacture

Interesting Fact

While standard durbar plates come in the ‘tear drop’ format, the shape of the raised nodes can be customised for specific needs and even tailored for use as livery or signage. Durbar can also be fitted with ‘keyholes’. When the corresponding ‘key’ is inserted, the plate can be secured or moved easily – useful, for example, if the plate is used as a trapdoor.

Chemical composition

Grade C Mn P S Si N
Max Max Max Max Max Max
S275JR+AR 0.20 V 0.21 1.50 0.035 - 0.012
S355JR+AR 0.680 A 0.24 1.60 0.035 0.55 0.012

Note: Values are in weight percentages.

Mechanical properties

Grade Rel
A (%) Impact Test
Min Min-max Min
Lo= 5.65√So
Min energy
S275JR+AR 275 410-560 21 20 27
S355JR+AR 355 470-630 20 20 27


  1. Material thickness, t, is in millimetres.
  2. Impact properties of quality JR products are verified only when specified at the time of the enquiry and order.
  3. Impact strengths apply to thicknesses ≥6mm and are for standard test pieces only.